Sunday, October 16, 2005


"No Linda! I-I don't think so," said Nicole, who was embarrassed, as usual. The two beautiful teenagers were lazily lying in Nicky's large bed and were talking about sex again.
Linda, at fourteen was very beautiful; her pretty childish face had bright blue eyes, a cute upturned nose and was crowned with shoulder-length blonde hair. The girl was very slim and petite, standing only 5'2", but quite long-legged for her size. Even being quite small, she already was a C-cup and her breasts were very firm; looking incredibly large in her petite frame.
"Oh, come on Nicky! You have been curious about it for years! Don't try to tell me you don't want to touch a boy's cock!" the easy-going Linda said to her rich, prudish friend, trying to make it all sound very natural. "Lots of boys would just love to show theirs to you! All of them are hot for your big boobs! You just have to let it happen... I can even help you get a date to..."
"NO! I-I don't want you to he-help me like that!" Nicole was blushing as usual. "I don't think I could handle the situation... I-I would panic again!"
Nicole was a good girl from a very religious family. She was as beautiful as her friend, but her body was fuller, having all the curves of a woman in her 5'5'' tall frame. She was a very pretty brunette, with full hips, firm round full butt and shapely legs. But her best asset was her huge breasts, already a D-cup at fifteen; the teen had the generous bust that was so common in her family. Even though they sagged a little, her big fat tits were the wet dream of many classmates. A nice young face with black eyes and long black hair against her tanned skin completed her figure.
The brunette's family was quite well-off and had a big house with a pool, where she and Linda were working hard every Sunday to get a tone; even with their rather bashful swimsuits.
They were about to change into their one-piece outfits and go into the pool, but their conversation about sex was taking longer than normal.
"Maybe he just wasn't the right guy... but isn't there some boy you would like to kiss, to have a little fun with?" the blonde asked.
"No... I don't feel attracted to any one of them," the brunette answered, her face showing a lot of consternation at her own lack of interest in boys. It would be easier on her to hide this from her inquiring friend, but she just wasn't able to do so; they never lied to one another.
The two girls had been best friends for years, since they were around seven years old, Nicole was several months older than Linda, but they went to the same classes in school.
The brunette was the only person to know Linda's great secret. Linda's father had approached his daughter with indecent thoughts when she was nine, and after several weeks playing exciting games with his little girl, he got her on his lap, rubbing his hard cock on her little girl's ass and touching her private part; caressing his daughter in a very sexual way.
She had tried to keep it a secret, as she had promised her dad she would, but Linda couldn't help herself, and soon she told her best friend Nicky all about the secret and pleasurable games and the special attention that her father was giving her; games, which in fact, she started to love.
Both girls had realized it was a wrong thing she was doing with her father, but Linda made it appear to be fantastic, and Nicole ended up envying her. When she just turned twelve her father started to have her jerking him off and he also began to masturbate his daughter; they had great times together, even if Linda felt a little weird at the situation. The pre-teen knew it was wrong, but even so she just loved the orgasms her daddy gave her and all the attention she was earning.
Linda told everything to her dear friend, but the young brunette never had the courage to ask her own father to do the same thing, and just about that time she discovered what incest meant and with that knowledge she realized that her father would never do anything with her that was considered wrong.
She knew it was a sin and a very wrong act, yet she also realized that her friend loved it, and that piqued her interest.
The blonde girl soon started to suck her father's cock, and even liked the taste of the weird goo he always spurted in her mouth and asked her to swallow, which she always did.
Nicole had heard the description of her friend's incestuous relationship for several years, always wishing to have that much attention from her own father too. Her friend's incest situation ended a couple of weeks after she started to give him the blow jobs.
Linda's parents died in a car crash two years ago; the blonde lived with her aunt now. It had been a very traumatic experience, but Linda managed to recover well and started to date boys, returning to her carnal pleasures discovered so early in her life.
The bashful brunette knew her friend was not only not a virgin anymore, she was well aware that Linda was indeed having a too active sex life; but even so they stayed the best of friends. In fact their difficulties got them even closer, as the D-cupped Nicky also had her share of family problems.
Nicky loved her father and mother dearly and was taken aback when her mother left them, she was thirteen by the time, and it had been a very hard blow. She had always been a sweet and docile child, very attached to her parents, and when her mother left she became utterly afraid that her father would do the same. The girl developed a huge dependence on him, desperate for his attention and becoming too submissive; trying hard to do everything she thought he would like her to do.
Her dad tried very hard to compensate to Nicky for the lack of a mother, soon she finally had all the attention she wanted from him, and she loved that! The small girl felt secure and loved in his company; he was the only person in the world, aside from Linda, whom she loved and trusted.
Then he married again six months later.
Her stepmother was a beautiful redheaded woman, as religious as her father; and suddenly she felt as if she didn't belong in the family anymore. He gave nearly all of his heart to his new wife and Nicole treasured those rare moments when she had his attention.
She felt desperation; she felt neglected and needed to have her dad's attention back. Yet she was never able to managed that; becoming increasingly introverted and shy.
This marriage wasn't as smooth as his first and soon her father and stepmother were often at odds and seemingly silently at war more often than not and although they were not in a good time of their marriage, he got more distant instead of approaching his daughter.
Although he showed signs of his love to Nicky, the brunette teenager was very insecure around him.
Her stepmother never had liked her and was increasingly spending time in church activities, never giving the teen any attention. Her father was mostly out of church now, not wishing to be with his wife. He was very nice to his daughter, but still so distant! In fact, she felt very alone, being too shy to have friends; she only had Linda now.
The blonde girl realized long ago how introverted and repressed her best friend was, and knew she had a serious psychological dependence on her and on Mr. Devoux, her father. She was very submissive to her dad and wanted to please him in every little thing, craving his approval, needing his sparsely given attention.
A half hour later the two teen friends were enjoying the sun, trying to get their much wanted golden tan. Linda was wearing her one piece swimsuit, her slim body hidden by its heavy fabric. Only her big breasts could draw attention as they were hard pressing the top of the garment. Nicole was also in a one piece, even more conservative then her friend's.
They were sitting near the pool. There were several chairs there; the kind that can get in three positions: normal, inclined and couch-like; and a table with some glasses and dishes; waiting for the beverage, appetizers or even the ever welcome pizza.
Mr. Devoux always brought the girls soft drinks and a pizza! Nicole's father liked the youngsters' company, and was very nice to them. Yet Linda sometimes wondered...
Unless it was her imagination she would have sworn that there were times that she noticed him ogling her big breasts. Not only that but she was almost sure that he was also eying up his own daughter's well developed bust. Maybe she was being a little paranoid... or maybe not.
"Today we'll really advance in our tanning project!" Nicole spoke, mocking seriously.
"Yeah! We'll get the best tan in the world. Maybe then Peter Krinston will notice us,"
Linda said, talking right about the best looking boy in their classes. "UH... he's such a hunk!"
"LINDA! Don't be so..." Nicole started to speak.
"OH, come on Nicky! Wouldn't you like him to notice your big breasts?" Linda teased her, giggling. "I would even undo some buttons to get his attention!" she added while lightly jiggling her breasts; showing how she would make him notice her.
"You're so nasty Linda, but I really wouldn't want to catch him peeking at my chest,"
Nicole said while her friend laughed.
"I saw him ogling your breasts once!" the blonde talked enthusiastically.
"Yeah, but I'm not interested in him..." the brunette stated.
"OH, come on! You're not interested in any boy! Who is the one that gets you hot?
There must be someone; you cannot live like that... you're too prudish!"
Linda was really concerned about her friend; she couldn't understand her lack of sexual interest.
"Please Linda... don't speak so loud, my dad might come here any time and... I-I don't want him to... hear us talk about these kind of things." The girl was blushing as she spoke.
"Why? He's an adult. He knows about these things. I think even he would want you to be less repressed!"
"LINDA! Don't talk like this about him! He's a very..." Nicole seemed very annoyed by the notion that her father would want her to meet boys!
"PLEASE Nicky! He is a man. And don't you think he likes sex?" Linda was curious about her friend's almost-enraged reaction.
"I don't think it's proper to speak about... about this subject... about him." She was a little shaken, and her blonde friend couldn't understand why.
"Look here girl; he's not dead... In fact, I've noticed he's very interested in girls' bodies..."
"WHAT? Wh-what do you mean?" Nicole was wide-eyed and breathing hard.
The blonde teen realized it wasn't a normal reaction. Was it possible that her prudish friend was jealous of her father, or getting hot for him?
"Can't you see how he looks at my breasts when he thinks no one is paying attention?"
Nicky's face was flushed; she was biting her lower lips. "Remember that whole weekend when we had to study here... and Stacy was here with us?" (Stacy was a girl from their classes who was very well endowed in bust size, about the same D-cups as Nicole.) "He ogled all of us as we studied, and I mean all of us! He looked at your tits too!" It was just true; Linda could not have helped but to notice him staring at them when he brought them appetizers and soft drinks; much, much too much! Even Nicky saw it.
The big titted brunette was red-faced as she heard it, but she had a weird look in her face. A look of excitement!
"Yes! See the way he looks at Stacy's tits? And I think your boobs are bigger Nicky!"
Linda could see her talk was hitting the target as Nicole started to bite her lower lips again, obviously reacting to the information. The brunette was moving in her chair, unable to find a comfortable position, all the while brushing her wet crotch against it, getting herself horny without realizing it. For some reason Nicky's growing excitement was fueling Linda's excitement.
"Do you realize that he gave us a lot of attention just to stay near us?" the blonde continued. "You say his marriage is not going too well, maybe he is sexually unsatisfied..."
"YEAH! That would explain why he's so distant; he has unfulfilled needs... He must be quite depressed; he needs someone to give him excitement in his life, a little pleasure and love..." she continued and then almost in a whisper she added, "Just like I used to do with my dad!"
Linda noticed Nicky's wet crotch, and it wasn't because of the pool waters!
"No Linda, I don't think he would ever think about me in... in any sexual way..."
"You mean you think he won't get the hots about you? HA! You must be kidding! He would go crazy about your big knockers!" Linda said with a new hope for her friend. "Get real Nicky... Wouldn't you show a little more skin... a peek of your breast... if it got him looking at you? Giving you a little more of his time? I would!" Linda said.
"NO! NO... I-I don't know... I-it doesn't seem pr-proper..." The stacked brunette was stuttering in confusion, horny and afraid at the same time.
"Come on... I'm not talking about walking to him naked... just teasing the man a little..." Linda was getting the conversation the way she wanted. "So we would know for sure if he was capable of seeing you as a woman..."
The brunette was in deep thought, not taking notice of Linda's use of dirty words.
"Why don't we make a pact?" Linda continued "We just tease him a little and... and we'll see his reaction." She laughed aloud. "I bet he would start to spend a lot more time with you!"
"I don't know... What if he really got turned on staring at us? I would be flushed!"
Nicole said, seriously considering the pact.
Delighted at the turn of the conversation Linda reasoned, "So what? It means the trick is working... he is turned on by your body, he wants to caress your breasts, suck on your nipples..."
"LINDA! Don't be so nasty... my dad would never do such a thing!" giggled Nicole.
"OH, pleeeaase... if you had the courage wouldn't you like to see his penis? In your position I would tease him, and then ask to see it when he was too hot to say no." Nicole was uncomfortably moving her hips, brushing her crotch against her chair, trying to fight the image of her father's penis in her mind.
Sensing her friend was becoming extremely hot at this talk about her father, Linda continued on the subject, "Can you imagine? Seeing his cock in front of you... you would even touch it, if you had the courage, to see it getting hard... Imagine his grown man's big dick in your hands..."
Nicole was lost in erotic daydreams when Mr. Devoux opened the house door some ten feet away. He was bringing them soft drinks, and the girls got out of their fantasies, looking with different eyes at the adult man approaching, Nicole blushing because of her impure thoughts.
"Hi, girls; is everything okay?" asked the middle aged father. He was a short man, with black sparse hair, bald on the front, and was a little bit overweight, though not bad looking overall. But Nicole's father was also very charming to the girls; he was funny and friendly, but he knew when to get up and leave them on their own; leaving them to their girl-gossip.
"Hi Mr. Devoux, how are you?" asked Nicole's best friend as she reached for the glasses, helping him to land them on the table. Linda was sure he was discreetly ogling at the girls' breasts and butts, as always.
"I'm fine Linda; I'll be back in a minute. I brought you guys back a pizza and it's in the kitchen." He turned and left while the blonde teen started to smile in a wicked way.
"Nicky... so you say your daddy wouldn't notice you as a woman, right? Only as his little girl, isn't that so?" she asked.
"Of course! How could he lust after me? I'm his daughter... You're perverted, girl!" she giggled but was a little unsure of her words.
"Let's make a test then!"
"Let's see if you are right... or if I'm the right one, I bet he will get hot over you... You just have to show him a little more of your body."
"LINDA! I can't do this! It's not right..."
"Come on! If you are right he'll not even notice! Let's make it seem an accident!" The blonde grabbed the top of her friend's swimsuit and adjusted it, so that her breasts were nearly bursting through it. "You just have to raise your arms and your tits will pop out of cover! Accidents do happen! OOPS! Sorry daddy, my big fat tits are showing!" Linda laughed, but Nicole was blushing.
"I would never use my swimsuit this way; it would be obvious that it was not an accident!"
"Get in the pool! It will look like it rode down your chest when you got into the water!" she smiled to her friend. "And when you get out of the pool be sure to make a good show with your big knockers!"
Without knowing why she was doing it Nicole got in the pool, and was red-faced as she waited for her father. It was obvious that he would just tell her to adjust the cloth; he would never peek at his own daughter's boobies! Even so, she was weirdly aroused about it all. She even adjusted the garment to show the top of her aureoles, blushing again as she did it.
Mr. Devoux soon returned and when he was just in front of the pool, laying the pizza on the table, his daughter left the pool. His eyes went directly to her ample jugs. Linda gave her back to him, pretending to be looking at the pizza, but discreetly watching everything that was happening.
Nicole was forcing her body up from the water, bending to leave from the side of the pool, and the large hooters were nearly bursting out of her swimsuit! The deep cleavage was enticing the man and he just couldn't take his eyes away.
Nicole tried not to look directly to her father, but noticed all the exclusive attention he was giving to her breasts. She pretended not to be noticing it and raised her wet body from the waters. Her mind was in turmoil, she used all her courage and raised her arms to her hair and kept adjusting it. The youngster twisted her hair, getting excess water out of it, while looking up. Her firm D-cups escaped the cloth as planned; they stuck out beautifully as her elbows were high above her head, the big round nipples hard and pointing to her daddy's eyes. As she twisted her hair her body shook lightly, making the impressive jugs to jiggle. She stood in this pose for long moments, discreetly savoring her father's wide-eyed expression.
Then she lowered her arms and feigned to have just noticed what happened. Looking directly at her dad she started to feel shame, blushing immediately. "OOPS! So-sorry dad!
I-it must..."
Nicky started to speak as she adjusted the garment.
"No problem dear... accidents do happen," he said. He was also blushing. He turned to leave swiftly as his cock was starting to swell.
Linda got in his way, laughing, and she tried to start a conversation while blocking him.
"She just jumped into the pool!" she said giggling while Nicole approached, her eyes drawn by the bulge in her father's shorts. "I told her not to do it, her breasts are too big! Her swimsuit would surely not stay in its place... Aren't her breasts too big, Mr. Devoux?"
"Well..." He looked at his only daughter and saw her pleading eyes. She arched her back lightly and suddenly her tits were sticking out for his inspection. "I think she's... she's well developed, but not too big. Big but not too big..." He was sweating and staring hard at her melons.
"Oh come on Mr. Devoux! My breasts are big..." Linda cupped her jugs to show him.
"... but hers are even bigger! I think they are strange..."
Nicole got the idea and started to play the game too. "NO! They are big..." she cupped her boobs too, raising them to his eyes. "... But they are not strange... Tell her daddy! Aren't my boobies nice?"
He was sporting a big hard on, incapable of hiding his erection in his shorts. "Th-they are nice darling." He quickly walked away from them and then excused himself, before hurrying back to the house.
Linda gave a superior look to Nicole and said "I told you he would get hot just to look at your body... he is a tit man, and yours are the best!"
"LINDA! I don't..."
"Did you see how hard his cock got? He must be masturbating right now!"
The blonde teen saw no reaction from her friend; Nicky was obviously horny now.
"I think you would get a lot more attention from him if you dressed in a more... more revealing way. He would love it!"
"D-do you think so?" asked the insecure brunette.
"Of course! He would love to see more of your big knockers! It would make him sooo happy!" The day ended up with Linda filling her bashful friend's mind with impure thoughts about her old man. Nicole was ashamed and aroused at these thoughts and was very quiet when her blonde friend went home.

Chapter 2
A couple of days passed with Linda taking every opportunity to speak about incest with her friend. Nicole was always flushed, but she listened with unmistakable attention to the blonde. She was being fed lots of suggestions of how to tease and flirt with her father, but hadn't tried anything yet; afraid and ashamed of her own interest in the sinful idea.
The prude and very naive girl had her own fantasies and erotic dreams... all about her father, and felt very guilty about the incestuous thoughts.
But on Tuesday she was sitting in her bed, getting dressed for school still with the top buttons of her blouse undone, when her father suddenly entered her room to offer her a ride.
She noticed his eyes going straight to her ample cleavage and staying there as he talked to her. The girl pretended to be busy donning her shoes while he ogled her tits. Nicole felt flushed for her own daring, but was also very excited about actually doing this tease, drinking deeply on his horny stare at her big breasts. She accepted the offer, of course, and on the way she continuously crossed and uncrossed her legs to draw his attention. The schoolgirl was wearing her shortest skirt and had adjusted it to move higher up on her tights as she sat inside the car, so the firm teen legs were very well displayed and her father soon noticed it.
As she walked the school halls the prude girl became ashamed, thinking back with regret at her actions, but the moisture in her panties showed how horny the situation got her.
After school she told her friend what happened and Linda got very excited. The blonde teen nearly dragged her bashful friend to a nearby mall to buy some new clothes. The blonde schoolgirl had her friend buy cut off halter tops and very large tank tops, also some skimpy panties and tight shorts; even a nearly see-through white tank top that was very low necked and ended in the middle of the brunette's stomach.
The rest of the week passed with the religious girl fighting the temptation to flaunt her body to her father; it was a losing battle. Wearing the new tops and shorts while her step- mother was out in church meetings or working overtime she used every opportunity to show her fifteen years old hard body to her old man. She bent to show him her round butt, pressed her arms against the side of her tits to make them bulge invitingly and used every form of teasing she was capable of.
Once she was sitting on the sofa using her too big and low necked tank top waiting for her father, and when he got there she arched her back to make the garment hang down. He stood there talking to her for a long time. Looking from his higher position he could see her unencumbered jugs. She could notice a bulge in his pants when he sat on another chair.
That day she soon noticed that he was willing to spend a lot more time with her than usual; and he paid her an inordinate amount of attention. That just gave her the incentive to continue with the teasing. Each time she was getting hornier and wetter with the situations.
On another occasion she was wearing her halter top. It had thin straps tied on a bow behind her neck and went just below her ample mounds and another thin strap was tied in a bow on her back to keep it in place. She had tied it loosely, so that every movement made the top ride down on her tits, moving to the middle of her jugs.
She invited her father to watch as she practiced for the cheerleader squad, telling him that she wanted his opinion on how she was doing. Her maneuvers were very fast and not only her braless knockers made a lewd show as they bounced wildly but her halter top continuously rode down to the middle of her breasts. Whenever the nipples came into view she adjusted the top back, but only just enough to cover it, knowing they would peek out again.
The look on his face was a delight to the teen schoolgirl. She loved the adoration in her daddy's eyes! On the last movement she didn't adjust her top and made the movements even more obscene, her large jugs bouncing in front of him. Soon her top was tucked in the middle of the ample valleys of her nude D-cups. She pretended not to notice it as she continued the routine, nearly slapping her boobs on his face.
When she stopped she swiftly adjusted her cloth back to normal, still pretending nothing had happened. He was flushed as he told her he loved the routine and wanted to see it again another day. Nicole was so happy she hugged him and kissed his cheeks, nearly hitting his mouth, while rubbing "accidentally" her chest against his. His erection was clearly visible even with him sitting on the sofa.
From that day on she took every opportunity to brush her big teen tits against him.
On Friday she repeated her "cheerleader practice" for her dad, but this time she wore her white tank top, purposely because it was cut just below her impressive mounds and it was too low necked. As she moved, her ample melons threatened to escape both up and down. In fact more than once the bottom of the garment rode up above her nipples and other times the straps fell on her shoulders and the top ended nearly below her tits.
The fabric was almost see-through and as she sweat from the exercises it became completely transparent. The sheer fabric clung to her body; her hard and erect nipples clearly visible through the transparent cloth.
She was also wearing her new skimpy bikini panties and her skirt went up her body constantly as she spun and bended. She was giving her daddy a good view of her behind too!
When Nicole finished she sat on the sofa's arm, close to him, and asked, "So daddy, did you like it?" Her ample D-cups, visible through the wet top were in level with his eyes, inches from his face, firm as only a fifteen year olds boobs can be, the nipple begging to be sucked.
"Y-yes, it was... impressive." He was staring at his daughter's large knockers.
Nicole was very excited, her panties were wet, and not only from the sweat! She took his hand. "But it's a very hard routine! Feel how my heart is racing," she said, and then guided his fingers to the top of her right breast, arching her back for him.
He felt her heartbeat while she was still holding his wrists. Then she straightened herself up, but his hand was still pressed to her body and it slid over her tit. The teen felt his hand rubbing her boob, using some pressure, while she looked to his crotch and saw his throbbing erection.
He was breathing hard and completely flushed; apparently too ashamed even to look at her. She gave him her best little girl look and coyly said, "Thank you daddy!" She kissed his forehead like a little lady and then went to her room to masturbate; leaving him to probably do the same.
On Sunday the two teen friends were again at Nicole's pool, dressed in their modest swimwear. But this time Linda had a big surprise for her prudish friend.
The girls entered the pool and joyfully played inside it for more than twenty minutes, until Linda said, "I think we'd better lay on the pool chairs... or we may end up losing our chance at getting a tan..." Nicky agreed without thinking.
They lay in the sun for some minutes, chatting about school events until the blonde changed subject. "You know..." she started to say, "if we are to tan our bodies... our swimsuits will make a strange mark... they are too big! After all, we want to get a beautiful golden tan, right?"
Nicole was listening with attention. "Right," she answered.
"But this swimwear just won't do!" Linda said. "Let's say... I try to show a little more cleavage, like this..."
She grasped the top of her bathing suit and pulled it down, nearly baring her breasts.
"... People will see this ugly and big pale skin below the toned parts... We should use smaller swimsuits, so we could tan more of our bodies... get a pretty tan mark, not this big monster!"
She returned her top and saw Nicole looking at her, half convinced. "Maybe you're right, but what can we do?" the busty brunette said with a puzzled look in her face, she couldn't see where her friend's logic was leading.
"Well..." Linda said. "I've brought us these bikinis... to solve our problems." She passed the garments to the other girl, for her to look them over.
"They are kind of skimpy, aren't they?" Nicole asked, and then added, "My step- mother would never let me use this one; my breasts will be almost bare... I don't even know if it's enough to cover my nipples!"
"But, of course they are skimpy! If we are to get a good tan they have to be this small,"
Linda answered. "And nobody will see them, just us... and your father Nicky..."
Nicole felt a shiver of lust run down her spine as she thought of showing this much of her body to her father again. Linda's words were activating her mind, the thoughts running quickly. "Well, if you say so... I guess it will be okay," she agreed in her submissive way.
She didn't want to have an argument with her friend, even though the idea of wearing this small swimsuit in front of her father made her blush to a deep red.
"Now we just have to ask your father to let us use it... and keep it a secret, not speaking about it with your step-mother."
"WHAT!" Nicky hadn't realized she would have to ask her father not to mention the bikinis to her too-religious stepmother, but it seemed a good idea. She would be furious if she saw them on such indecent clothing.
"And you'll have another chance to see your daddy's reaction to your body..."
Nicole was flushed again. She wasn't sure that she would be able to do this. She had teased him when they were alone, but with Linda watching It would be very embarrassing.
But after several minutes of Linda's convincing she gave up and decided to give it a try.
Even so her body shivered with arousal and fear of the act she was just about to perform. Teasing her father was getting her all hot.
Mr. Devoux was at his room, watching TV, while at the same time he was massaging his own cock through his silk shorts. It was a sitcom about lifeguards, and he just loved the big breasted girls in it; he never paid attention to the story.
His sexual life stunk. His wife was a knockout, but all that Christian crap made her a lousy lay. He would not go to a whore; it was not his style; so he had to use his imagination. He had a constant fantasy about his daughter's friends...
He had to get away from the girls or he would end up doing something he would regret later. They were so cute. In their teen years their bodies were just perfect. He was not a pervert, but just looking at some of them made him hot.
Although he knew it was wrong Nicole probably aroused him the most lately. His daughter was so very pretty and she had those big beautiful breasts... He started to notice it when she was eleven, as they quickly begun to develop. By thirteen she was already a C- cup, and now... they were huge!
Some of her friends were also sexy...
That girl, Linda, had the firmest big tits he ever saw; other school friends were also delicious! Debbie's butt was just inviting a slap -- and a fondling, of course! The girl called Stacy was so stacked that it was hard to believe that she was still a young teen!
He had masturbated thinking of them constantly, but never before to his own daughter, he thought it too wrong to jerk off while fantasizing about her, or even to fantasize at all...
But he was ashamed to admit that lately thoughts of Nicole were getting him the hottest!
More and more she was now starting to wear some revealing clothes while she was at home. And that cheerleader practice! God he was so aroused to see her young teen body doing all those erotic movements! But she was a bashful girl, he knew her well. She never noticed how hot he got around her, he thought.
He barely noticed the girls entering his room, until both were close to his bed. Upon hearing a sound he curiously asked, "Hi darling, is anything wrong?"
She lowered herself to sit alongside of him. "No daddy, everything is okay, it's just that... well..." Nicole shyly hesitated, then continued, "Daddy, we were thinking... these swimsuits are too big. We want to tan a little more of our body. Since there's nobody here but us... we thought... if you permit... that we, er... that we could use some smaller swimsuits..." Nicole was getting wet just to be in her father's bed, she would have loved it if he hugged or touched her in any intimate way, although the young virgin had no idea what to do with a man.
But it was so wrong! That much she knew.
She continued to talk. "... I know my step mom won't like it... but, i-if you d-don't tell her..." the D-cupped girl was sitting with one bent leg on the bed and the other on the floor, her hands in front of her moist crotch, lightly touching it, with her arms pressing her huge boobs together, making them stick out, looking even bigger. Linda was standing in front of Mr. Devoux, her big and firm jugs pointing directly to his eyes.
Nicky took the bag with the bikinis and started to take them out saying, "You see, these are the bikinis... We are alone, no one will see it... Pleaassee daddy!" She showed him the bikinis, afraid of his reaction.
'They are too skimpy!' he thought. The man was embarrassed, but also excited; he thought it could be fun. "Ok, let's make a deal, I might let you use these bikinis... and I won't tell your step mother about it... but I have to approve them; so you put them on and show me. If they are ok I'll let you use them. Deal?"
"DEAL!" both girls yelled at the same time, running to the bathroom. Moments later they were back and, one at a time, each girl entered his room and posed for him in the new swimsuit.
Devoux was open mouthed; he knew he had to say no.
They were much too skimpy and lots of flesh was showing. The tops were barely capable of covering the girls' nipples and they were held up by strings that were tied behind their backs and necks, looking like any stronger movement would pull it open. Below it was even worse. The pussy lips were hugged by the thin material, their shape clearly showing. On the backside it went directly inside the cracks of their butt cheeks.
His own daughter's big breasts seamed to just sit in its cups like scoops of ice cream, the luscious mounds almost lying open to the gaze of her father.
In this last week he discovered just how big her knockers were. He knew she was stacked, but never realized how hot-looking her jugs were!
As Nicole slowly made a full turn he could see her ass cheeks engulfing the tiny bikini, and her slit tightly hugged by its thin fabric, leaving little to imagination. Linda made a similar display of her charms, it was a lewd show and it got him all aroused. He couldn't let them use these obscene bikinis!
But as they walked, he saw their firm teenage flesh exposed, the boobs swaying lightly with their movement, and he gave up to his already horny state and said "Okay."
The girls rushed to him saying, "Thanks," "You're so cool," and "I love you daddy," embracing him and kissing his face. He was sitting, trying to conceal his almost full erection in his shorts, especially since he wasn't wearing underwear, but it was useless.
First came the blonde girl, Linda, who got on his both legs of his lap, to the same side, her arms around his neck and her crotch brushing against his hard member as she kissed his face. She was so excited about his answer that she playfully bobbed up and down in his erection for a second -- as if very happy... or as if fucking him!
Linda was very horny; the idea of teasing an older man was very exciting to her. The young girl made sure to brush her ass on his cock. It was already hard! That thought exciting her enough that she almost came; she bounced on it in delight, feeling his manhood hitting her pussy as she got off of him. The young blonde got up from his lap and embraced him from the side of his body saying, "Thank you!"
She pulled his head to kiss its bald top, sending his face directly to the middle of her big firm hooters, which were barely contained by her tiny bikini top. As she kissed him several times in different places of the top his head, his face was rubbing all over her jugs; feeling them brushing against his nose, mouth, cheeks... he even felt a hard nipple against his mouth for a second as her mounds were rubbed against his face.
Linda was hot as she noticed that the man was very aroused. He was sporting a tremendous hard-on, but was able to control himself. She just pulled his head in the valleys of her ample breasts while kissing his bald head and saying, "Thank you," several more times. She was moving her tits so that his mouth would feel the most of them, rubbing hard her boobs against his face. She wasn't sure if he was capable of holding in his desires as she pressed her hard nipple to his mouth for a moment, only the thin fabric between it and his tongue.
He was so horny he thought he could cum just with the hugs and little kisses!
Then Linda made way for Nicole.
His fifteen-year-old daughter kneeled on his lap facing her father, one leg to each size of his, straddling him. Her pussy lips fully in contact with his erect member through the thin material of her bikini panties and his shorts.
She put her arms around his neck and hugged him so hard that her tits were squashed against his chest, resting her childish head on his shoulder. She moved her weight slowly from one leg to the other, still hugging him, saying "thanks daddy... I knew you would understand... I love you so much..." His fully erect member was actually feeling her slit as her crotch moved around it. His hands went to her ass as if they had a mind of their own and he started to feel her full round butt with his fingers.
Nicole was dripping wet, she was completely in the grip of her lusty fantasy, and being this close to her father was just too much for her resistance. While Linda had been 'heating up' her father, the formerly prude Christian teenager had tucked the crotch of her bikini panties inside her moist pussy, deep enough that the labia was visible; engulfing the fabric.
Without her knowledge her blonde friend also had the knot on her back done a little less firmly, making sure her bikini top would not stay in place if she brushed against anything.
As she straddled him, she felt his hard cock; she almost came. She hugged him hard, but in a way that her top would ride up on her generous bust. She was so horny that she kept changing her body weight from one leg to another, feeling his cock in her slit as she moved. When her father placed his hands on her butt and started to mold it with his fingers Nicole felt like she was in heaven, babbling loving words while wishing she could tell him how aroused she was. But she was not able to do it; it still was too wrong to be doing.
As she broke the hug her bikini top had ridden up on her impressive boobs and the bow on her back was undone. Her nipples now were in plain view as the top lay uselessly high above them. She felt paralyzed, showing no reaction for long moments, simply pretending not to notice it. Then she raised her body a little; her big and hard nipples just a couple of inches from her father's mouth for some long seconds. "You are the best daddy in the world... and I want to be your obedient and good daughter," Nicole said softly and excitedly, as she lightly arched her back, putting her protruding nipple on the lips of his open mouth.
She was so proud to show him her big tits; the nipples were so hard and were begging to be sucked. She was so wild for his tongue that she raised her body, almost feeding her breasts to him. For some seconds she first considered hugging him again, forcing her boob deep into his mouth, and then she decided to cup her large boobs with her hand and gently put it in his mouth. The she gave up both ideas and just arched her back, aiming the nipple at his open mouth.
Linda stood back watching with heated fascination as her best friend's father was becoming totally aroused by his own daughter.
He lost control for a second, and closed his lips on the erect nipple, gently sucking it.
She moaned lightly, feeling his rock hard cock rubbing against her slit and his mouth sucking her nipple. Suddenly he stopped, as guilt hit him. The man looked up to his daughter's face with great embarrassment.
When Nicole felt his father sucking heatedly on her nipple she almost had an orgasm, but seconds later her conscience sent a huge gilt sensation at this act, and when the girl saw her father's red face she too became mortally embarrassed at the situation. Her mind trying to resist the strange sexual feelings; sending her waves of shame and regret.
Nicole's face immediately got very red and she barely managed to say, "OOPS! S-sorry daddy... I-I'm so embarrassed... It rode up and... I-I'm sorry."
She tried to tuck the breast back into the top, while still on his lap. His cock was so hard and twitching, it tickled her pussy. Because the bow in the back was undone she wasn't able to come away complete. Her hands went to her back to tie it again, and this position made her big teen D-cups stick out nearly to his face again.
He was open mouthed, his eyes wide open. He had always been a 'breast man', and his daughter had the most fantastic set of knockers he ever saw!
Nicole's face was a deep crimson, she was utterly ashamed, but also nearly cumming from this situation. Finally back together, she stood up and swiftly walked away from him, heading back to the pool with both lust and guilt in her mind.
Devoux was so hot that he was still breathing heavily, his cock as hard as it hadn't gotten in years. By his door he saw the busty blonde, Linda, looking at his erection and smiling at him for at least thirty seconds, before she also joined the other girl.
As soon as they had gone, the middle aged man tried to think straight. It had been the most powerful erotic experience he ever had. The guilt over the incest was driving him mad, as was the pure desire he was feeling now.
Linda was delighted to see the results of her friend's first flirt with her father; Nicole couldn't talk of any other thing but the feel of his prick brushing her pussy. Shame and excitement mixed as she tried to get hold of herself after the hot episode.
Linda used the conversation to advance a little further in making Nicole accept the incest. "You see, teasing your dad is so cool! You loved it! Just be careful so your step mom won't notice it..."
"Linda! I'm so confused... I-I showed him my tits and he even sucked my nipples!
That's wrong!"
"Come on! He loved to see your tits and to feel your body..."
Linda immediately saw the effect that her words made her friend, just by the heated look on the brunette's face. The words made Nicky even hornier, and made her doubts swell. "He will love you even more when you suck his cock and fuck his dick..."
"NO! I never even touched a man's penis! I don't have the courage to do that...
Remember the last time you convinced me to try it?" The prudish brunette was slightly trembling and nervous as she pictured herself touching her father's cock.
Linda remembered the problems her friend had had. The blonde had convinced Nicole to go on a double date with her and she had even persuaded her to join in on a sexual game of truth or dare. As the four of them were playing Linda even had her friend see her date's cock. Soon Nicky was shaking with fear as things started to get hotter. When she tried to touch the boy's dick she went into a nervous breakdown, crying and trembling, which scared the life out of every one of them.
"But this is different Nicky!" Linda answered. "It's your dad, you love him and you want his love so much! And you saw how he was looking at you!"
"But I felt so ashamed! I-it was weird! He is my father!"
"So what? He is not happy in his marriage! He must be a very unhappy and unsatisfied man right now. He needs love, a SPECIAL kind of love. You say he is not giving you enough attention now and you always tell me you want to be a good obedient daughter... you want to make him feel good... you never want to fail him... you want to do whatever he says... I must have heard it a thousand times! Were all those words just lies?"
"NO! I want to be a good daughter... You know that! But I'm not sure I should have done that teasing... I feel that this flirting was wrong!" The brunette was very confused, her mind in turmoil.
"Of course it was wrong! You don't just tease a man and get away! He is surely in need of a more... more intimate love, and you are the one who can give it to him!"
"I-I do-don't know..."
"You saw the look in his eyes when he sucked your tits! To be a really good daughter, to really help him... you've got to give him what he really needs! And you know what that is. Only then you'll be his perfect daughter."
Linda saw her friend blushing, confused as she thought about her words. She knew that Nicky needed time to accommodate this thoughts and work up the courage to actually do anything with him. But the blonde teen was intent on helping her friend to overcome her sexual problems; her father would soon have the pleasure to fuck her in every possible way.

Chapter 3
The class had just ended. Nicole and Linda started to walk to the bus stop but the brunette had something she wanted to tell her friend. They ended up in a solitary corner, talking about her secret.
"After you left I was so ashamed! I went to my room and took a bath and thought about what had happened; it was so weird!" The pretty brunette said frowning. "I got out of my bathroom wrapped in a towel, and as I soon as I was in my own room my dad entered it. He was flushed, and looked like he wanted to speak, but when he saw me he just stuttered a few words and could not say anything."
Linda was paying strict attention Nicky's tale, the situation was starting to excite her.
"I was very embarrassed, and turned back to reach for my clothes, and as I was leaning down to grab them I realized I was only in a towel! My butt was completely bare; he must have seen it all!" The prudish girl was blushing. "I turned very swiftly, red-faced, with the clothes in my hands. I was so nervous! I was even shaking... My body felt numb... My towel just fell as my movements were too fast and awkward!
"God! My father was wide eyed; I don't know when he first did it but when I looked I saw that he even was massaging his penis through his shorts! It was very hard... You were right; he was looking at me as a woman, not as his daughter. I asked him to leave while I tried to cover myself and he just grumbled 'Yes' while taking a last eyeful and then going out of my room.
"I didn't come out of my room until my step mom got back from her Sunday church activities and daddy actually seemed to have a problem hiding his lust. He managed to keep her from seeing, but I saw. I was ashamed, but yet it was such a turn on that I had to masturbate! Linda what is happening to me?"
"There's nothing wrong with you Nicky!" The blonde answered. "You have just found out who is the man that gets you hot, I think you should..."
"NO! It's incest! I-I know it's wrong! I'll to talk to him about it and I'll try to get my life back to normal!"
"Don't deny yourself Nicky! Aren't you aroused about him?"
"Can't you see how much he wants it?"
"Y-yes, he wants it very much."
"Then, why do you want to deny it! And why not give your dad what he needs so much? I wish my dad was still here."
Linda knew the prudish girl was very dependent on her father's attention; she had done everything to receive it in the last couple of years. Since her mother left she was badly in need of his love.
When he married again Nicole began to feel a sense of desperation and her need had for his attention had grown. She became introverted and shy, working hard for any small show of caring, of love, from him; the fact that her stepmother didn't like her just made things worst.
Nicole wanted her father's approval and love above all else, and Linda knew it. Over the years she heard her friend countless times telling her she wanted to be a good daughter and that she would do anything to make her father happy.
Linda tried to convince her friend to use sexy wiles to attract her dad's attention but the brunette was too bashful to accept that. Now her craving for her father's love was just too big, and she was at the point of finally doing what was needed to assure this love... in a special way!
They went home, Nicky buried in deep thoughts.
The following day Linda walked the school halls and when she saw her friend in the corridor, she stopped.
"Hi Nicky!" she started, and then noticing that her friend was a little flushed Linda asked, "What happened girl? Something is wrong?"
"I-I do-don't know!" The D-cupped teen said. She looked around to make sure they were alone and led Linda to the end of the corridor to assure their privacy. She continued,
"Yesterday my step mom had to work until a little later than usual and I was home alone with dad!"
By then the blonde girl knew something had happened.
"We ate and then I went to my room to do my homework. When I was finished I went back by him. I saw him on his chair, watching the news on TV and I thought it was a good opportunity to talk to him about what had happened. I walked over to him. I already was dressed in my sleep-in nightie, it's that long and pink one, with that short neckline... which is rather short for my breasts, and it's a little see-through. Of course I was wearing panties, but I don't sleep with a bra! When I got in front of him I said I wanted to talk to him and he looked up at me and smiled.
"Linda, I was so happy! He wasn't mad at me or anything; he called me his princess and asked me to sit on his lap. I did it... I hadn't sat on his lap for years, but he looked so happy! I-I did it.
"Then I felt his hard-on poking against my crotch! One of his arms was around my neck and the other hand was on my leg, helping me support my weight, but in fact he was feeling my tights... Inside my legs!
"It was a very intimate position, and I started to think it was wrong, but his face was one of pure delight! I felt so good seeing that look in his eyes! Suddenly I was a good daughter and he was my loving father again.
"I said I was sorry for what had happened and I was not sure if it was right, but then I realized his eyes were on my nipples, so near his face within the semi-transparent garment.
For some reason that excited me; my nipples got very hard... it was so embarrassing!
"Daddy's fingers then started to rub against my pussy and I got all wet; yet I was so mixed up and near panicky that I was thinking of jumping off of him. As I was apologizing he interrupted me and said it was all right, that I had done nothing to be ashamed of. He told me he loved me and that I had made him a very happy man... he had loved the little game we played.
"I was nearly bursting in tears, both of shame, at having done these things with dad, and happiness, because of all the joy I had given him.
I hugged him hard and we sat like this for a long time. Then he said it was okay if we continued to do things like we did on Sunday... In fact, he said, it would make him the happiest man alive!
"God, I was so confused! As we broke the hug he asked me if I wanted to make him happy. I said yes. Then he said he just wanted to show me his love... in special ways... and then he place his hands on my boobies!
"Linda, I didn't know what to do! He fondled my breasts for long moments until I forced myself up out of his lap. Flushed and confused, I told him that I wasn't sure what we were doing was right. Then I ran back to my room and locked it.
"I couldn't sleep for a long time, thinking about what he said."
Her blonde friend was very excited at her tale, it was really hot! And she could just see how things would turn out.
"Come on Nicky! You know what he likes, he's a breast man! And you saw how he treated you! He loves to feel your big knockers, and it makes him so happy, satisfied.
What's wrong with that? You're just being a really good daughter, can't you see that?"
"But Linda, that's incest!"
"So what? Just try to make him happy... or don't you want his happiness?"
"Of course I want it!"
"Now you know how to do it, and how to win all of your daddy's heart."
Again Nicole went home full of doubts and in deep thought.
The following Sunday was sunny and the two teenagers were once again at Nicky's pool, dressed in the small thong bikinis Linda brought them. The blonde was well aware of her friend's weird situation. She was lusting for her own father, but was fighting it very hard... and losing every time!
Linda also knew that the man would surely come down to meet them, anxious to ogle and have more intimacies with the girls... Then, she thought that it was even possible that he would make up his mind to finally end the teasing and return their lives to normality.
The blonde just didn't know what would be his reaction. Yet she was pretty sure that he wouldn't have the courage to attack the problem head first, and thought that the flirting would go on a little longer.
When she saw Mr. Devoux coming with a pizza she already had a plan worked out to get the situation a step further. She had told it to her friend, but Nicole was still too confused. The very prudish girl was in the middle of an internal battle, her submissive and dependent nature allied with her new found lust for her father were fighting her strong moral and religious beliefs. She was unsure if she wanted to be in this new and naughty game. She was ashamed of her actions in the last week, but she still felt aroused at the thought of her sexy flirting with her own father.
Mr. Devoux was a little embarrassed as he walked toward them, but pretended that nothing had happened, no one talked about what had happened in his room last week.
They chatted while getting their slices of pizza, this time he didn't seem to be in a hurry to leave them. Linda made a show of tits and ass, freely brushing against him "by accident".
Nicole was very quiet, and nearly didn't participate. Only when he talked directly with her did she answer him, in an embarrassed tone.
Soon he was sporting an obvious hard-on in his shorts, sitting in a half reclined chair.
Linda was talking very near to him, with a pizza in her hand. Nicole was to his other side, trembling slightly in indecision as the great moment approached. Linda's plan was about to begin.
Nicole was already holding a paper towel in her trembling hands when Linda's pizza top fell on Devoux's shorts, in his crotch. It wasn't hot enough to hurt him, but it was dirty with a hard-to-take-out and full-of-oil cheese.
"Oh! I'm so sorry Mr. Devoux; I'll get something to clean it. Nicky, you have a paper towel, why don't you help him taking all that cheese off his shorts?" Linda said looking her friend in the eye.
The stacked brunette had to make her decision now.
She moved timidly toward her father and then trembling, she moved her hand with the paper towel to his lap. Pretending to be trying to clean it she touched his cock, but remorse and shame hit her and the brunette panicky she started to remove her hand.
Linda sensed what was about to happen. She hurriedly grabbed her friend's hand and forced it back to his swelling member. "No! You have to rub hard to remove it! Rub his shorts like this..." the blonde said as she moved her friend's hand back and forth over his erection, massaging it through the shorts; Nicky could feel it he wasn't wearing any underwear beneath his shorts and she was now being guided to gently pull up and down.
The prudish fifteen years old girl was wide eyed and looked from her friend's grinning face to her father's surprised and pleased features. She whispered, "No," to Linda, but she was already soaked in her own juices, completely aroused.
"H-hey, n-no problem... I..." Devoux tried to say as his daughter's hand moved on his already stiff member.
He loved what was happening, but it felt too wrong. God! He was feeling remorse just from looking at Nicole's breasts lately and was utterly ashamed to have fondled her tits on the sofa. Now, with her friend Linda guiding her, his daughter had her hand on his dick, jerking him off through his shorts!
"Stay quiet Mr. Devoux..." Linda said, smiling wickedly. "... This oil is hard to get out if not cleaned properly."
Nicole continued to masturbate her father with her trembling hand. Feeling his penis pulsating in her hand she almost came. She couldn't resist! The prude girl was red-faced yet still she knew she had to do this, she was feeling his cock in her hand!
Getting bolder, and hornier, she grabbed it, wrapping her hand around it as well as the shorts permitted, and looked in his eyes, very embarrassed.
"Let's rub it harder... maybe it'll be better this way..." the blue eyed beauty said as she started to move Nicole's grabbing hand up and down faster on his erection. "Let's rub real hard; perhaps we can save this shorts..."
As they masturbated him harder, moving their hands very quickly, their boobs started to sway, wiggling in front of the open mouthed man.
Devoux couldn't believe what he was seeing. His daughter seemed confused, but Linda was jacking him with his daughter's hand... and was smiling to him! It felt too good to be true. He was lying in the piscina chair, with a beautiful big titted teenager to each side, jacking him off. Even if Nicole was his own daughter and unsure of what she was doing it was still great! It couldn't get any better! He was too horny to feel any doubt.
Suddenly Nicole moaned quietly, and her left hand moved of its own accord to her crotch; soon she was masturbating through the bikini panties while she moved her father's prick back and forth. She could feel it pulsating in her hand and see his face contorted in pleasure as he groaned in satisfaction.
Nicole had come to grips with her conflicting mind. The Christian brunette thought that Linda was right! Her father needed it, and she was a very good daughter; she was happy to make her daddy feel so good!
Devoux was near his limit. He wanted the scene to last forever, but too soon he was arching his back, his body stiff. He was about to cum. As he began groaning and muttering, Linda lowered the top of his shorts over the tip of his manhood. His cock-head was just barely visible until he started to spurt what seemed like gallons of cum onto his belly. He was completely mad with lust, it was the best orgasm he had in years... and it was just a hand job!
He was still lost in the sensations when the blue eyed teenager caught all the jism inside her hand with a spoon that was in the table; licking his belly and chest to collect the last drops with her tongue.
Nicole saw the goo and knew it was sperm! It was only when the jets of cum had started to shoot out that she noticed the tip of her father's cock out of his shorts. She had learned about a man's semen in sex ed, but it was the first time she actually saw it. She was unable to take her eyes off of his manhood, as she finished rubbing herself furiously as she now experienced a powerful orgasm from her own masturbation.
Almost immediately, the Christian girl started to feel shame and regret again.
Devoux could see, by the surprise in Nicole's face that she had no idea of what they had just done. His daughter was completely flushed and had become so red it looked as though she would burst. After the orgasm, the realization of what they had done hit him very hard too. He saw his daughter's embarrassed face looking at the tip of his cock and his belly full of cum, as Linda cleaned it with her tongue and mouth.
The realization that they had teetered on the outskirts of an incestuous situation made him feel utterly guilty. Even worst was in knowing that he still wouldn't be able to resist if it was to start anew. The man was so embarrassed and ashamed that he practically ran back to the house.
Linda was in heaven as she took the first spoonful of cum in her mouth. After that, she took another small scoop of sperm in the spoon and urged her friend, "Come on Nicky, taste your daddy's yummy cum..."
Nicole was wide-eyed, not understanding what she was feeling. In spite of the shame, she also had a strange curiosity to taste the white stuff.
But upon looking at the shock upon her friend's face, Linda wondered if it had gone too far.
"Lin-Linda, what have we done? What I... oh my god!"
The blue eyed blonde couldn't resist and asked, "You don't know what you've just done to him, Nicky?"
"Wh-what? What do you mean?" Nicole had never seen a man jerking off, and truly didn't know what it was; she thought to be just playing with his penis.
"You jerked him off... that's how the boys masturbate! And you just did it to your daddy."
Nicole was open mouthed... she had masturbated her father! Again the mind battle begun, but she couldn't take her eyes from his sperm. "It's wrong... I shouldn't... He..."
"He enjoyed it sooo much!" Linda interrupted her with a whisper. "He loved it! You gave him a lot of pleasure. Didn't you like it?"
"I-I don't know..." Nicole said confused.
"Don't be a fool Nicky; you loved to jack him off! I could feel you cumming as you felt his hard cock moving in your hands, now think about him putting his stiff manhood inside you... Can you imagine how good it will feel?"
Nicole pictured herself pinned under him, his hard body pushing into her, and she immediately became even wetter.
The dominant girl smiled at her friend's obvious horny state, filling the spoon until it was full and fed it to her own mouth, swallowing it with a face of pleasure.
Nicole watched as Linda swallowed again and felt a shiver of lust. Her friend started to talk again. "You'll love this taste, his taste! It's so yummy... when you sip it you'll long for it, even crave this flavor. Sperm is delicious!"
As ashamed as she was of what she had done, Nicole was trembling in pleasure for the naughty act. As Linda talked she started to get increasingly aroused about it.
The prudish teen reluctantly walked to her friend, her head lowered. She raised her eyes in submission and meekly opened her lips. Linda smiled as Nicky took a spoonful of her own daddy's sperm in her mouth.
Nicole considered the taste exquisite! It was bitter, but she ended up liking the salty and creamy flavor. As she savored the flavor she kept thinking that it was her own father's seed, the juice that showed how aroused he was about her. These thoughts gave her a tingling sensation again, she was getting aroused from just thinking that the hot semen she just swallowed was the proof of her dad's desire... and love!
Realizing that, the brunette knew she would always crave the weird tasting goo with all her heart. She was already building fantasies about tasting more of her father's cum. Linda still was feeding her confused mind with more incestuous concepts, and the submissive brunette was open to her words.
"To be a good girl you must please your father in anyway he wants... You have to suck his cock, let him fuck you, eat his sperm and even be butt banged if it makes him happy."
"LINDA! NO! I-I want to be a good daughter and have his love, but..."
"Nicky! Can't you understand? Now you've found the way to his heart... to his love and approval! You have been telling me you needed his love and approval above all else for long years! You cried many times when you thoug